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A healthy and sustainable catering solution for your students and colleagues - Available around the clock.

The perfect alternative or complementary solution to your canteen - Suitable for every school, college and university, regardless of your size.
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A delicious and healthy offering that is good for you and good for the planet.

With our concepts, we want to support your educational institution with sustainable catering solutions available 24/7 that serve as an excellent alternative or extension to your existing canteen. All you need is a power outlet and 2m2 of space. We take care of the rest!


Student Friendly.

Diverse & Healthy

100% natural and free from any additives.

Zero Food Waste

And even good for the planet!

Simple and worry-free.

We take care of everything - full service including delivery, merchandising, and maintenance.

Sustainable Freshness directly from our Smart Freezer.

It doesn't get fresher than this! Your own cafeteria in a healthy vending machine.

  • Diverse - Large selection of delicious hand-cooked meals, bakery, and ice cream. 
  • Zero Food Waste.
  • 100% biodegradable packaging.
  • Available 24/7 - Choose your desired meal at any time of the day.
Boostbar Freezer

There is nothing more delicious! Healthy alternatives for every taste bud!

From breakfast, and snacks to refreshing drinks - all in one healthy snack vending machine.

  • Wide assortment of sweet or savory snacks. 
  • Natural ingredients - No additives, preservatives, or palm oil.
  • Local Swiss producers.
  • Organic and bio-certified.
Boostbar Fridge

Organic & Fairtrade coffee concepts are available for any set-up.

Directly from our Swiss roastery to your school. No matter your size - we grow with you.

Learn more about our coffee

Boostbar Coffee Machine

Try it out without any obligation!

And let your students and colleagues decide.


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