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Coffee and food. Simple.


Sustainable and healthy meals, snacks, drinks and coffee machines for companies of all sizes. As a complete solution operated by Boostbar, or as a service run by yourself.


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Revolutionize Your Breaks at work.

Boostbar refreshes collaborative working spaces. With intuitive designs and top-quality products, we offer refreshments 24/7. Download our brochure and discover more!


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Why Boostbar?


Practical & seamless

Sophisticated solutions that can be expanded on a modular basis and grow with your needs at all times.


Leading technology

Our digital solution connects all coffee, vending machines, and Smart Fridges for efficient and sustainable operations.


360° Expertise

Born in Switzerland, our international team has been developing award-winning coffee and F&B concepts since 2010.

Our solutions for you


High quality catering

At Boostbar, we focus on sustainability and variety to equip modern workplaces with high-quality catering solutions. Our Fridges, Freezers, Bistros and Markets are specially designed to satisfy every palate whilst protecting the environment.

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Premium coffee in the workplace

We know how important good coffee is at work. Introducing our four tailor-made coffee concepts: the versatile Coffee Barista, the practical Coffee Capsules, the innovative Coffee Tower and the exclusive Roaster's Edition. We provide every office with the perfect cup of coffee. 

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Make your breaks at work count

Boostbar offers more than traditional vending companies. Discover our smart designs and top-quality products – fresh around the clock. Get the brochure to learn more.


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Who uses Boostbar today?

New Work – Employers

New Work

Our solutions can be placed in any environment - workplace, factory or warehouse. Provide your employees with premium coffee, hot meals, healthy snacks and fresh drinks. 

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New Hospitality

Delicious snacks, barista coffee, hot meals and drinks, available 24/7. Our sustainable solutions are a perfect addition in hospitals and hotels. 

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Digitalize your catering solution!

With Boostbar, you can elevate your catering to the next level. Beautifully designed digital screens with an easy to use interface. Our automated retail solutions adapt flexibly to your needs and always offer fresh and healthy options.


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How can we help you?

Have a question? Our dedicated team is on hand to offer you comprehensive advice. Simply fill out our online contact form and a Boostbar expert will get back to you promptly.

Need a direct answer?

Call our service hotline: +41 44 545 27 45