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Better coffee for your workplace

Delicious coffee with barista quality — but at your own office. Treat your employees to coffee they’ll love around the clock!

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Flexible coffee for the workplace by Boostbar.
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Coffee fitting your break


Coffee Barista

Enjoy Doppio, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, or other barista coffee specialties. Flexible solutions for every workplace and team size, with individually selectable roasts and milk options.


Coffee Tower

A fully automatic coffee machine with fresh beans from Swiss roasting (30% Robusta, 70% Arabica). Enjoy Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, and many more delicious hot drinks.

Boostbar, when the pleasure has to be small: Selected coffee blends in capsules that pack maximum pleasure down to the minimum.

Coffee Capsules

Only have a small break-out space? Our coffee capsules are the perfect solution to complement or make your coffee offerings even more accessible. 




Roaster's Edition

Bringing artisan, fresh local coffee into your workplace. The perfect boutique café, that is beautifully designed to suit your space. Fitted with a barista fresh bean to cup coffee machine and serving locally sourced cofffee beans.

Premium Coffee at the Touch of a Button.

Our coffee machines are easy to use and offer fresh bean-to-cup blends, for the pefect cup of barista style coffee. Ideal for a productive work and break environment. Download the brochure to learn more.


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Your coffee break is our priority

The three ingredients to the perfect coffee break are always the same. No matter whether you need a machine for your staff kitchen, a solution for your meeting rooms, or whether you’re building a complete coffee corner to treat your team.

Our Boostbar beans are certified organic and fair trade.

The beans

Beans are the foundation for quality in your coffee cup. Our beans are certified Organic and Fairtrade. That allows us to guarantee the consistency of the quality of our beans — and the consistency in fair payment to our farmers.

Boostbar, our coffee roaster roasts really good coffee.

Our roasters

Our coffee roasters in Bern have been roasting quality coffee since 1922. Their good relations with farmers and their expertise are the basis for the roasting quality of our coffee.

Boostbar Swiss coffee champion Evelyn Rosa runs our Coffee Lab.

Coffee Lab

Swiss coffee champion Evelyn Rosa is the head of our Coffee Lab. She develops our house blends and roasts, and oversees the optimal settings for our coffee machines.
Evelyn’s goal is to make great accessible to anyone.

Build a happy team with great coffee at the workplace!


Our coffee is 100% organic and Fairtrade. We also always offer vegan alternatives for dairy milk.


Roasted 100% locally in Switzerland. We celebrate local brands — our own, but we also support your favorite local roaster.


We know how to work coffee. We deliver fresh beans, the right machine for the job, and an exemplary all-around service: quality delivered professionally.


Our coffee offering grows with you, no matter the shape your company takes. This way, you’re always able to offer your employees coffee with barista quality in a premium self-service setup adapted to you.

Always an option: vegan alternatives for dairy milk!
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High-quality coffee for any environment

Discover our fully automatic coffee machines that guarantee a perfect cup of coffee. From Espresso to Latte Macchiato, our machines are ideal for offices and waiting areas.


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Boost Barista Corner

Your own coffee shop

When we designed our beloved coffee corner, we had but one thing in mind: we wanted to turn workplaces into meeting places. 

Together with our co-founder, Swiss coffee champion Evelyn Rosa, and award-winning designer Jonas Klotz, we sat down to design the combining of our dreams. 

The result is our Roaster’s Edition: great, local coffee served in timeless designer furniture. Love at first sight, for you, your employees and your visitors!

Boostbar Roasters Edition. Your own coffee shop.


You taste

Get in touch for more information and to book a tasting with us! We’ll talk about your coffee situation over a virtual cappuccino and find the right solution for your coffee break together


We install

We connect & install your new coffee corner for you and guarantee world-class service. This way, you never have to worry about getting enough caffeine into your office!


You enjoy

It’s as if your personal barista moved in: enjoy great coffee anytime at your own workplace.

Premium coffee for all environments

Boostbar offers four coffee concepts: Coffee Barista, Coffee Capsules, Coffee Tower, and the Roaster’s Edition. Download our brochure to find out more.


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Have a question?

Our dedicated team is on hand to offer you comprehensive advice. Simply fill out our online contact form and a Boostbar expert will get back to you promptly.

Need a direct answer?

Call our service hotline: +41 44 545 27 45 

We promise: everybody happy

…including our own team. As experienced merchandisers, they used to be used to complaints. Now, they spend their time collecting compliments about our coffee. Compliments on the milk foam, the taste, and kick of the espresso, the cleanliness of the machine, and the speed of our service. You name it, they heard it. 

Coffee at the workplace has never been this easy.

Boostbar, above all their own team.

Sustainability in coffee is a complex subject. What’s less complex is the decision to do better wherever we can:

Our coffee is farmed organically, so the impact of the plantation on flora, fauna, and the community is as small as possible.

Our beans are certified Fairtrade, meaning that our farmers are protected from volatility in the flux of trading prices.

We only roast locally, so we’re sure to reduce the carbon footprint created in those last crucial steps in the production of your coffee roast — plus, we support the local market.



Blends to love

Real coffee beans, freshly ground specially for you. 

With gusto, we present our beloved three-house blends. The combination of the three covers any coffee preference you and your team may have. Three roasts that, between the three of them, lay the right fountains and notes for the coffee beverages you love.

 Sandra coffee blend from Boostbar.

Sandra Blend

Dark chocolate, roasted almonds, dark berries, citrus fruits

30% Robusta, 70% Arabica
Tanzania, Peru

Boostbar coffee strenght.


Susanne coffee blend from Boostbar.

Susanne Blend

Chocolate, roasted almonds, caramel
20% Robusta, 80% Arabica
Tanzania, Brasilien, Peru

Boostbar coffee strenght.


Stussi coffee blend from Boostbar.

Stüssi Blend

Dark chocolate, cream, dark berries, grapefruit

70% Arabica, 30% Robusta
Peru & Tanzania

Boostbar coffee strenght.