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Your own canteen, only cooler

Our mini-canteen for your workplace: Eat well & healthily without food waste. 
From snacks & meals to deserts: we have you covered!
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The Boostbar smart freezer with highlights of customers.

Accesible to all

At Boostbar, inclusivity is a given. Our products are affordable for anyone. Our diverse assortment considers allergies and caters to a variety of dietary preferences.


Healthy & 100% natural

Hand cooked, natural food containing a list of ingredients that's comprehensible to anyone.

We set a standard to which we keep ourselves. Our products are free from artificial additives, colourants, preservatives and palm oil.


Zero waste

We are pioneers for staff-less food concepts that don't just minimise food waste: we avoid it all together. Good food is responsible food; the right choice for healthy people and a healthy planet.


Boost Freezer

Great food, 24/7:
Cool & intelligent

A compact and unbeatably cost-efficient alternative to canteens. 24/7 hand cooked, affordable meals free from artificial additives and preservatives.

  • 10+ meals
  • Cooked in 4+ minutes
  • Including bakery and ice cream
Boostbar Freezer

Boost Fridge

Your 24/7 energy station

On only one square metre, offer your employees and guests a smart, convenient energy break. 

Healthy snacks & drinks, muesli for breakfast and an option to include fresh products from your preferred partners.

  • Popular local brands
  • Short transport routes (<10km)
  • Fresh, every day
Boostbar Fridge

Boost Bistro

Build your custom market for all your f&b needs

Combine your snack breaks and mealtime in one compact duo setting. Our bistro does it all: Delicious, healthy snacks and drinks, bakery products, handcooked, hearty meals — and ice cream!

Pay with the method of your preference thanks to our simple & easy payment solutions.

The fridge and freezer are elegantly joined by a smart screen that allows you to filter for allergens, provides you with handy insights about our assortment and generally elevates your break space.


Photo of the Boostbar bistro installed in a office workspace.


CHF 390/Month
  • 20+ snacks, 20+ drinks, breakfast 
  • 70% CH origin
  • Only natural ingredients
  • 24/7 accessible 
  • Easy payment


CHF 690/Month
  • 20+ meals, bakery & desserts
  • Regular menu changes
  • Only natural ingredients
  • 24/7 accessible 
  • Easy payment

Boost Bistro

CHF 990/Month
  • Combined Boost Freezer & Boost Fridge
  • Complete F&B offering on <2 square metres
  • Only natural ingredients
  • 24/7 accessible 
  • Easy payment

Custom markets

Build your custom market for all your f&b needs

When you need everything from coffee, water, snacks & drinks to meals and deserts, we’re happy to build a custom micromarket for your space. Add some wine or bulk snacks if your guests feel like it. 

24/7, convenient, and great offering. In the exact format that works for you.

3D render of the Boostbar custom market.

Flexible and easy payment methods:







Do you have a question about your break? 

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What’s on the menu?

From snacks and drinks to meals and desserts — accessible 24/7.
Boostbar Bio Herzhafte Kaesespaetzle Boostbar Gelbes Curry Butter Chicken Boostbar Little Italy Boostbar Teriyaki Rind Boostbar Feine Falafel baellchen Boostbar Gransole Limone Und Basilico Boostbar Laugen schnecke Mit Gala Frischkase Boostbar Laugen Butterbrezel Boostbar Nuss Schnecke Boostbar Marmor Cake

No palm oil, no artificial additives, colourants or flavour enhancers

Our meals are hand-cooked, while our snacks & desserts are as delicious as palm-oil free. All of our products are free of artificial additives: no artificial preservatives, colourants or other nasties. 

We take great care in creating our assortment for you. Our selection process follows strict rules: Better for the planet, better for you, accessible to everyone — and tastes great!

Photo of fresh food and spices being used for cooking.

Boostbar: 24/7 complete f&b offering — from coffee to dessert

Our solutions for food and coffee are developed especially for your workplace, whether you are a hospital, school, large enterprise, family business, or startup. We turn breaks into experiences for your guests and employees; cost-efficient and delightful setups that help you bring back life to the workplace.

More about our coffee

Boostbar Coffee Machine