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Contact +41 44 545 27 45
Contact +41 44 545 27 45

Flexible Food & Beverage for your office

The most sustainable vending machine: Healthy and delicious with local products and no food waste. Individual solutions for every workplace from 30 employees. From CHF 390 / month.


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Flexible Food & Beverage for your office by Boostbar.
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Make your breaks at work count

Boostbar offers more than traditional vending companies. Discover our smart designs and top-quality products – fresh around the clock. Get the brochure to learn more.


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Your advantages with Boostbar



All our meals are hand-prepared with fresh ingredients and 100% free of artificial preservatives.



Thanks to local suppliers, we keep distances short and reduce unnecessary journeys and food waste by up to 90%.



You determine the model that suits your needs, anytime. Starting at CHF 390 — and CHF 8.90 per hot meal.

An innovative & flexible solution

The flexible fridge with snacks, drinks and fresh products as an option from Boostbar.


Our smart fridge can be packed full with healthy, fresh snacks, drinks and local products. It's sustainable and budget-friendly - ideal for your break room.

From 30 people

The most affordable and most sustainable vending machine on the market from Boostbar.


Sustainable food vending machine with up to 15 handmade, shock-frozen meals, which are regularly renewed. The Freezer also includes ice cream and baked goods. Inexpensive, varied and perfect for smaller businesses.

From 50 people

The most complete catering for your team, in the world’s smallest canteen from Boostbar.


This compact mini canteen offers fresh, local produce, breakfast, hot meals, snacks and drinks. Less than 2 square meters, this solution is sustainable and budget-friendly - ideal for catering for around 100 people plus.

From 100 people

Boostbar Food_EN



Our flexible and modular micromarket offers snacks, drinks, coffee and hot food. Completely customisable, this state-of-the-art technology has flexible payment solutions and is ideal for anyone looking for a 24/7 catering solution.

From 100 people

Simple payment without an extra app

Your employees and visitors pay easily with all common payment methods — directly at the machine. Without a badge or downloading an app.

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Digitalize your catering solution

With Boostbar, you can elevate your catering to the next level. Beautifully designed digital screens with an easy to use interface. Our automated retail solutions adapt flexibly to your needs and always offer fresh and healthy options.


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What’s on the menu?

What's on the Boostbar menu? What's on the Boostbar menu? What's on the Boostbar menu? What's on the Boostbar menu? What's on the Boostbar menu? What's on the Boostbar menu? What's on the Boostbar menu? What's on the Boostbar menu? What's on the Boostbar menu?

Boostbar loves service

“The Boostbar team has been supplying us with delicious snacks, menus, drinks and nuts for around a year. Top service and delicious products. If a "problem" occurs, it is dealt with and solved super quickly. We are very satisfied and don't want to do without our Boostbar anymore."

- Daniela Gloor, Sibir Group 

Boostbar loves service.

More than

companies love our solutions

The cheapest

offering that’s able to serve all your employees at any hour

Up to

more choice than traditional offerings

Revolutionize Your Breaks at work.

Boostbar refreshes collaborative working spaces. With intuitive designs and top-quality products, we offer refreshments 24/7. Download our brochure and discover more!


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We are proud of our
Mission Zero Waste

Food generates more emissions than transport. 30% of it is in the form of “waste”: unsold products and unnecessary transport routes.

Flexible catering with minimal waste: that has been our mission since day 1.

Thanks to innovative concepts and digital technology, we reduce journeys by 80% and achieve 1.9% food waste — that's 90% less than traditional "Smart Fridge" concepts.

  • We lower emissions for the planet
  • You get a wider range at a lower price
  • You support companies in your region instead of us replacing them
Boostbar, we are proud of our: Mission Zero Waste.

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